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Vacation Home at Fripp Island, South Carolina

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We take pride in offering the best accommodations possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our families each and every day. This is our private home that we have made available through Fripp Island Resort (844-382-6085).


To us, our family and many of our friends, Fripp Island is one of those magical places that just makes you feel good. 

Maybe, part of it is just going to the beach, or splashing in one of the many pools, or walking along the trails that extend the length of the island, or riding in the golf cart through the magnificant low country island, or playing tennis or playing golf on one of the two highly-ranked South Carolina golf courses on the island. Yes...that's it...can't wait to get back to FRIPP ISLAND!


For your enjoyment, we have provided the house with an Amazon Alexa/ Echo Show.  This device allows you to have your favorite music literally at your “vocal finger tips.”  Not only that, but you can have weather updates in a moment’s notice, which will help you plan your days’ activities.  AND, after you catch all of your shrimp and crabs, Alexa can help you find recipes to cook them all!  It’s just one more way we want to help make your vacation at Sunset Villa extra special and memorable.  If you’ve never worked with her before, you can familiarize yourself here:

Amazon Alexa/ Echo Show


When you hear the term “Oil and Water,” you’d swear they were talking about us!  You could not have found two people who are more different.  Tim was a military brat growing up all over the East coast.  After his dad’s last station at Parris Island, his family finally settled on St. Helena where he would spend years working with his dad fishing and shrimping (cue the Forrest Gump soundtrack, which, incidentally, was filmed right in Beaufort.) I was born and raised in Connecticut – New York/New Jersey tristate area to be exact – and never ventured south of the Mason/Dixon line before meeting Tim.  I am as outgoing as Tim is quiet and would rather spend my time at the theatre (or the dentist) than cleaning fish.  However, as luck, and circumstance, would have it, we would meet in Boston – where we live today with our three daughters – Danielle, 22, Tyler, 16 and Sydney, 12.  Naturally, there are few things a “yankee” and a “redneck” see eye-to-eye on!  But, one of the few things we do agree on, is our love of Fripp.  We’ve been vacationing there for years and literally watched our kids grow up there.  When the opportunity presented itself to purchase a home there, we had to jump on it.  Now, we want the opportunity to share with you all the things we’ve come to love about “the island with the funny name.”  We hope we can help you and your family make many happy memories here too!


Ever thought of sending a beach-themed Christmas card?  Well, Fripp has some of the South’s most stunning beaches and gorgeous sunsets.  Why not show all of your family and friends what a beautiful vacation you had by commemorating it with professionally-taken photographs.  Susan DeLoach, of Susan DeLoach Photography, knows all of the best spots on Fripp to help you capture the heart of your stay on the island and create memories that will last a lifetime. Just look at this gorgeous picture of our girls for proof!


Because we hold the opinions of our valued guests in such high regard, we have created a Facebook page for your comments and feedback.  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions on how we can make your next stay at Sunset Villa even more enjoyable.  And, please share any photos of your vacation.  With your help, we want to make Sunset Villa the #1 Vacation home on Fripp Island!

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At Sunset Villa we honor our Vets! Don't forget to ask about reduced rates for active & retired military.